Tatiana F. California

Integrity Trumps Everything

Leadership and integrity is about doing the right thing, not the popular opinion.

Dear Future President,

Strong integrity, character, and leadership skills are what I believe to be one of the best qualities that our nation desperately needs in our nation’s leadership. We need you, as our next president, to have all of these traits so that you can lead our nation to real prosperity, advancement, and honorability.

By having these characteristics, you will be able to tackle minor topics, like Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs), important things like immigration, and large issues like nuclear war. You will having the ability to address all of these issues, big or small, and make new decisions and choices on how to improve each individual situation and handle them well among the people of many different opinions and views.

Because of media prevalence, you are always being watched and the people will always stay up to date on your actions and choices you make as president, so make sure that your actions are full of moral character and honesty. You also have to remember that you may only be president of The United States, but many still consider you to be the leader of the free world. Your actions and choices have the potential to affect not just Americans, but the entire globe of seven billion people.

As the president, you will need to listen to the voice of the people and what they want to express when you become president and begin to change things in the White House, but you should know what is the best choice for the average citizen, even if the majority of the public does not agree. Leadership and integrity is about doing the right thing, not the popular opinion.

As our future president, we need you to have firm character, integrity, and leadership, and to understand how much of a difference your actions and choices affect Americans, and other countries around us, listen to the voices of the people, and lastly, just to keep our families and friends safe and out of harm's way.


Tatiana F.