Olivia A. Kentucky


Why we should help immigrants and refugees entering the United States.

Dear Future President,

My name is Olivia and I am writing to you because I have ideas about how and why we should help immigrants. Lots of immigrants and refugees having been entering the U.S. and I think that we should help them. Immigrants and refugees are human and we should treat them as such. If you think about it immigrants and refugees can help the economy.

I think the children of refugees and immigrants should be able to have an education. The children of immigrants and refugees are American because they were born in America. Children of immigrants descendants were born somewhere else, so the children are of that descent but they are American. Since the children are American they (or any immigrant and refugee, once they are registered to be a citizen) have the same rights as any other American. Children of immigrants should have an education, a home and a future.

Letting immigrants and refugees into the country can actually help our economy. Immigrants and refugees come to the U.S. to mainly to find a better home, a better life. Giving immigrants and refugees help, a little money, and job opportunities can maybe help the economy. If immigrants and refugees get a house, a job, then they would have to pay taxes. Those taxes go toward the government and some of that money that the government receives can go toward abandoned houses or roads.

Imagine you are an immigrant or refugee and the government does not want you to register to become a U.S. citizen. When you finally do become registered, you have the right to vote. Since you have the right to vote you would not want to vote for the candidate or candidate's party that turned you down and did not want you to become a U.S. citizen. That is probably how immigrants and refugees might feel come an election. Since they all have the right to vote that is a lot of vote counts you could lose.

These are reasons immigrants and refugees should be allowed to enter the country. I hope you consider some of my ideas. Immigrants can help the economy, affect your position in government, and become educated. I think we as American citizens just need to be more accepting. And realize we are all human.


Olivia A.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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