Crystal A. Texas

United we should stand

Dear Future President, Police brutality is a controversial topic that's on the rise, especially in the perfidious media. It's shameful how this country has turned it's back on those who risk their lives for our safety. Yes, police officers make mistakes as any other human, but because these errors have been highlighted, they've lost the respect and honor they deserve. In midst of all the recent scandals, the saying "Black lives matter" has emerged but more as an excuse, to play the victims. Yes, indeed they matter, but the idea that some lives matter more or less than others is the root of all discrimination in the world. The media has given half of the story, only the part convenient enough to start some new drama and fuel these surges of violence. So now it’s a game of Bad Cop, Good Cop; Police Officers have to suffer consequences because of the people’s refusal to take responsibility for their actions. You comply with the law whether you agree with it or not because one of two things can happen; either you end up in handcuffs and can get your story straightened out, or you can end up in handcuffs dead. Police officers have the right to use lethal force if they feel their life is in danger; if you’re not willing to work with them, that’s all entirely your fault. Stereotypes have also come about all of this except not many have realized that officers have also been given one. It’s been said that black people have been given the stereotype of always doing something wrong, but now, police officers are seen as brutal and people have gone as far as to record whenever they have a police officer encounter. Tragically, the violence is now being aimed at Police officers and just recently on November 2nd, two local police officers in the Des Moines area were gunned down while patrolling in their vehicles. Officers are now being ambushed, tell me, who is going to make the people build back their confidence in the safety of our nation? We as a whole nation, need to start supporting them throughout the falls. How can we expect them to rise if everybody keeps waiting for the next "mess-up" as an excuse to push them back down? Police Officers go to work everyday and as soon as they put on their badge, there’s no reassurance that they’ll come back to their families at the end of the day. They need to be appreciated because not just black people, not just officers, but ALL lives matter.