Jimmy P. Connecticut

Illegal Immagrants

Illegal Immigration laws are too tough and cruel, something has to change

Dear future President of the United States of America,

In our amazing country, one of the main issues that needs to be fixed is illegal immigration. There are over 10 million illegal immigrants currently in our country, and something has to be done about it. I’m not saying that we should round them all up and kick the out of the country, and to build a wall to prevent the from coming back in.However, I am not saying that we should just ignore them. There should be a way to prevent them from coming into our country, but also a better way for them to join our country.

It can be said that illegal immigrants are the main reason that the United States has such a big unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in America is currently 4.9. Even though it has been degreasing over the years, it is still a very high number. About 93.8 million people are unemployed In the United States. Most of the illegal immigrants coming into our country are Mexican. The main reason the drug epidemic in America is so bad is because of the illegal drugs that the Mexican Illegal immigrants are smuggling in. In our country, especially in New Hampshire, drugs is such a big issue. In north east states such as Massachusetts and mane, heroine is all over the place. However, It can also be said that they are the main reason that our country is functioning. Both can be seen as true. Though it is true that if we had no illegal immigrants in our country, that there would be more job opportunities, and less drug use, there would also not be as many people filling the low paying jobs that are needed for our country. Personally, I know some illegal Immigrants that tried for years to join the country, but the system was too cruel and unfair for them to be able to. They are good people that pay taxes, work hard and try to do there best.

A way that you could take to have it be much better and fair for all, could be to  change the laws around letting people join our countries. Have them be much more fair. I’m not sure the exact plan to do this, but coming up, and enforcing a law that would be much more reasonable to the amount of people trying to join the nation. How can we call our country home of the free, when we aren’t letting people in who are trying to join in this freedom?

I hope that I left with something to consider. Like about how America can have a more fair to join our country. I hope that you will be able to change and help America in many ways when you are elected.


Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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