Javier A. Minnesota

Immigration Issue

Most immigrants try to cross the border and they die trying, leaving their family and dreams behind.

Dear Next President

First of all I want to congrat you for your victory winning the election getting that amount of responsibility and for all the effort you put into. Well without further interruptions i would like to explain an issue that i been thinking about last year since me an immigrant living in the U.S, i think that illegal Immigrants should have a chance to have a legal residency.

The U.S government should pass a law that can provide legal protection from deportation or in the best case legal residency based on the fact that more than 11 million immigrants have lived in this country for years waiting for better opportunities and waiting for the chance to live in the place they know as home to be legal.

From my experience as an immigrant who came to live the American dream is frustrating even though we have education in high school but, I would like to attend to college but how ? i would like to have a good job, a license and an identification but how i’m going to be able to have it without legal documents .

Many articles point out that immigrants do the job that no one wants to do and they earn money, they pay taxes most of them go to school they are good citizens and the most important thing they are a big part of the community, they support a lot of the financial income of the country every year .

In fact immigrants face problems every day like racism, inequality, the language, finding a job, getting education but they or I might say we face, does kind of things everyday, not most of us, but we don’t give up.In past elections candidates had been promoting the idea of getting residency if they vote for them but when they get the presindecy they do nothing which is frustrating at some point.

According to an article online called facts about immigrants.com , President Obama made a program called Daca which helped teens immigrants to have the opportunity of went to college have a social security number so they can work , a license, etc but the program is not forever it’s not a legal permit and also after 4 years of having the permit gets revoqued.

Most immigrants try to cross the border and they die trying, leaving their family and dreams behind, also they get caught in the border and get deported to their countries and most of the reasons why people leave their countries are violence, bad political system, economy, etc the same post facts about immigration.com also 29% of immigrants are undocumented as the last statistic was made in 2015 with an amount of 10.1 million of people without legal documentation the New York Post posted.

My idea or plan for you is to focus on trying to pass a law or give the opportunity to illegal immigrants to achieve their dreams having a permit or legal to stay in the country, develop a plan to let immigrants work, have education in a major level, buy a house.

In conclusion, I believe that you as the next president of this wonderful country a land of freedom made by people who work hard and most important made by immigrants should pass a law to provide help to the families who want to achieve their dreams and have a legal status in this country as well make America a better and more productive country.

Best Regards,

Javier Arce, 11

St Paul, Minnesota 

Henry Sibley High School


Ms. Imm's American Lit classes

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