Justin O. California


1,172 miles of environmental and tribal betrayal

Dear President,

Your mission is to keep every person in this country safe. The very reason this government came into existence was because the people were not being protected. At this moment, there are people in North Dakota who are not being protected... and we are protesting. The Dakota Access Pipeline will cut through sacred land of the Great Sioux Nation and other tribal nations and will endanger the water of people that are no strangers to betrayal and insincere agreements with the United States Government. There has been no analysis of the environmental impact this pipeline will create. Even the people of Bismarck, ND knew it would threaten their water and as a result it will miss the white citizens of Bismarck and cut through the expendable reservation territories. All people deserve water; especially those who have been promised it. Water is sacred and essential for life. In ways, water is life. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a poisoner and a symbol for years of deprivation. The least you, the president, can do is demand an environmental impact report to be drawn up for the pipeline - detailing its full impact on the surrounding environment. Our demands, however loud, have come out unheard. The last president shot down the last attempt to erect this project because of environmental issues. Barack Obama stated: “America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change, and frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership". It is time to stand up against climate change, for start, and more importantly stand up against colonized intentions that have been sanctioned by the U.S. Government since it's inception. Please, for the first time in history, recognize our plight and take real action. Help mend the toxic relationship between tribal people and the institutions in place to "help" them. 

Sincerely, Justin