Jacob Minnesota

Letter to president

We need to change a lot of things is our country

   The U.S is in debt with 19.5 trillion dollars, and is estimated to increase the amount the upcoming years. We can't have this in our nation, because if we continue to get deeper and deeper it will not only make it harder to get out of but will also cause us Americans to think that we have made it this far with this much debt so what will more do. There are no signs of the US of stopping this debt or making it less, which I believe will make our nation untrustful to other nations. So if we ask for more money they won't give us any due to we already owe them too much. I think if it comes to be more debt that a war would come over this money. WW3 maybe. In 1835 was the only time the US has ever broke even with the debt . Ever since then we have increased 19.5 trillion dollars. Now given that money has changed over the years it is still a massive increase, and it has to stop.

Discrimination has also been a huge topic to talk about in our country. It has been one of the major events happening over the years. With more and more killings, riots/protests and accusations. Blacks have been targeted the most I think. Whether it be police shootings or incidents in bigger cities involving blacks. I believe that police are biased towards their race or religion. White officers like white people more and black favor or respect other blacks more. We need a nation where everybody accepts everybody for who they are and not for what religion or race they are. Our country is continually getting worse and worse about this.

Terrorism is also a problem that is getting worse and should be stopped or at least limited in our country. Our people are feeling unsafe and we don't know if it will stop. ISIS is attacking countries all over the world. ISIS is a terrorist group that is killing all people. Which is very terrorizing because it has happened all over the world and has happened in our own state. I feel like this topic should be on our next presidents to do list to stop this, not just ISIS but all terrorist groups. If we have to go to war then let it be as long as this stops.

In conclusion, our next president should stop most of our country's problem whether it'd be with debt, discrimination or terrorism in our country. We need to become equal and just again..