Marta S. California

Immigrants old and children size 12 fleeing and gang.

In Central America many children are fleeing violence and abuses in their countries.

Dear future president,

According to GOP presidential candidate Trump likes deportation plan with a dark side “ Many people were deported in 1950. Many farm workers died and others were send back their countries like slaves.” Today you might know that in United States there are many undocumented immigrants and they are helping the country. They don’t have deserve be deported. Many of them could die if they return home.I am an undocumented immigrant student who came here with the illusion of progress in this country. Like other immigrants, I came here with the dream of studying and having an education and fleeing the violence in my country. The reason for my writing is, like many children fleeing violence and abuses of their countries, children come here alone and immigrants experience many dangers in their travel.

In Central America many children are fleeing violence and abuses in their countries, Central American kids are suffering abuses sexual abuses, gang abuses ,or from their own family members. Also, they suffer psychological abuses and domestic violence .According to “More Kids Coming into U.S. Illegally on Their Own” by;” They are also trying to get away from abuses,sometimes by their family members”. It mean this is one reason to escape from our countries. Many immigrants need an opportunity in this country to survive, never mind if they are legally or illegally in U.S.A. The best thing to do is help them to stay here to have new opportunities and new lives.

Undocumented immigrants children are putting their lives in danger coming alone to United States.Many children from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are coming to this country alones looking for a better life. They put in their lives in danger because on the way they have to cross rivers,mountain and deserts. Also they spend cold nights on mountains or sleeping in old houses and hot days walking in the sun without protection. To illustrate this is when the article “More kids coming into U.S. illegally on their own” by says “ In many cases, they crossed mountains and deserts, often relying on guides to get to the United States”. In other words they risk their life for a better life. We need an migratory reform to help these children to stay in this country to better their lives and the lives of their family.

We, the undocumented immigrants had experienced many dangers in our travel to arrive to United States. Undocumented immigrants have to cross two or three countries illegally to get here. An example of this is me. I had to walk along time a mountain, I had to cross a river. I crossed mountain walking to arrive to this country. I slept on the floor on many places of Mexico. I didn’t eat the three or two times a day. Sometimes I ate only one time a day. I was with much fear that I crossed Mexico because there were many dangers with the cartels too. Thank God I could arrive to this country after many risk. Many immigrants pass all these things to search a better life, to be with their families, and sometimes people here cut their dreams. You need to help them, give them one opportunity of stay here, don't take the hope from them of having a better life.

The undocumented immigrant children and old people experience many danger to get here. You should create a migratory reform that will help them because they are important in this country. You know they are a big support to the economy of United States and they deserve a better life and be with their families like you. Don’t forget that they also are the support for this country.



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