Sydney L. California

Bullying in schools

Hello, my name is Sydney Leat and I'm a student at Bernal Intermediate School. I’m writing to address the issue of bullying. It’s everywhere and we need help because some students don’t even want to talk to a parent or teacher. I want to do something about it because I was bullied before and I didn’t tell anyone. That was the worst choice I have ever made, so here is my letter for the future president.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing to you concerning the issue of bullying. 22% of middle school students are bullied every day, and this has devastating short and long-term effects.This issue needs your attention because a lot of students have been bullied. 2.5 percent of students want to commit suicide due to getting bullied ,and no one deserves to die at a young age. 

A young girl named Amanda Todd made a video showing signs with her story written on it. Once she uploaded the video on YouTube she committed suicide and died. Many students are getting bullied for many reasons like size, jealousy, racism, and more.Sometimes nobody does anything about it because many kids tell their teachers that they can handle it, but little do teachers know the students are just very scared of telling people because they don’t want the bully to hurt them again. Which continues the bullying at school. 

Many students are mostly bullied for cyber bullying or name calling for name calling people think that is it is just a joke and they’ll get over it ,but no it doesn’t they feel like that they shouldn’t be here on earth because of that which causes suicidal thoughts .Same thing for cyber bullying that also can cause suicidal thoughts. Bullying is a very hard thing to take care of because bullies are probably bullying for a reason. For example, fighting with their parents, abuse at home, or trouble with their friends. 

 We need your help, many students have been affected, and some people tell while other people don’t. We don’t want people to cause harm to themselves because of this. There are ways to cure this problem: have a counselor at every school and make sure they talk to them and feel comfortable and safe. If that doesn’t work I would talk to a friend or teacher if you don’t feel comfortable talking to an adult. President, please bring greater awareness to the issue of bullying. 


Sydney Leat