Mitchh506 Michigan

Distracted driving

What needs to happen to stop people from driving while distracted

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

I am sure that there are many things that you must deal with when entering a role of such importance. Although there are many many matters to deal with, I feel like the laws against distracted driving must be enforced. Some states already have laws prohibiting distracted driving, but there need to be country-wide laws keeping people from driving while distracted. My brother and father drive distracted constantly, and so every other day we come close to hitting a deer or another car. I have no way to tell them to stop, because my dad will yell at me and my brother is my ride to school. states “An average of 11 teens die each day from text while driving,” and “according to an AAA study, 94% of teens acknowledge texting, while driving is dangerous 35% of teens admit to texting while driving anyways."  Because of these statistics and life-threatening experiences, I feel like this is more of a pressing issue than most. Thank you for your precious time.