RidenerA Kentucky

Make America Safer For Students

Make America Safer For Students

Dear Future President,

How do you plan to make our country a better place? How do you plan to make the united States safer? I understand that you will hear these questions a few hundred times a day, but this is because these are important topics. I go to school in Kentucky and I know problems don’t get resolved when you snap your fingers, but I would like you to consider a few issues that would give students a better and safer life.

First, I believe that hospitals should not offer narcan to anyone who has overdosed. This may sound harsh, but I believe this promotes the use of illegal drugs. I feel that if hospitals do not offer narcan, less people would use these harmful drugs. I feel this way because people using illegal drugs would no longer have the hospitals to fall back on if they did overdose. If less people are using illegal drugs, the streets and highways would be safer because less people would be driving under the influence of an illegal drug. I believe that if hospitals no longer offered narcan, people now using illegal drugs would realize that they are addicted and that they have made a mistake. I understand that these people cannot stop using illegal drugs in an instance, so I think rehabilitation centers could become more available depending on the number of people seeking help. Overall, if hospitals stop offering narcan, I think students and people in general would be safer in public and on the roads.

Second, I agree that it is important that students have a healthy lunch at school each and every day, but I think those lunches should also be enjoyable. Schools can provide as many healthy foods as they want to, but if those foods are not appealing to students, it does no good. We both know that there are students that only get full meals at school. If those meals are not appealing or enjoyable, is that student actually getting the nutrients he or she needs? Probably not. It doesn’t matter how many fruits or vegetables a student buys. All that matters is that students are getting the nutrients they need. If these foods are not appealing to the eye, students will most likely not even try those foods, so they are just thrown away. Also, I think schools are losing money because more and more students are packing their lunches every day. I myself, pack my lunch every day because nothing that my school serves looks appealing to me. If schools were to serve foods that were healthy but also that students were likely to eat, I believe schools would sell more food items and gain more money. In conclusion, I believe that schools should serve more appealing and enjoyable meals to students every day.

Finally, I believe students should be grouped with other students of their same intelligence level. This would help teachers because they would be able to plan lessons for "higher" classes and adjust for each level. 


A Ridener