DeAngela E. North Carolina

school lunches

All school lunches should be the same amount of food on each tray and every school and i think the next president should let all the school and lunch ladies and all the men to make sure all the food is done and all the food is cooked all the way and make sure the food is not cold and i think everybody tray should look like everyone else and everybody tray should have fruits and enough of others food so they don't have to be hungry for the rest of the day.

  1. Dear, president my name is DeAngela and i got a Question to ask you?

Why are some school lunches bad and some of the students and teacher get sick from the school lunches because sometimes it don’t be cooked all the way and sometimes it be cold.

2. They need to make school lunches better. According to let's move ,Many children consume at least half of their meals at school, and for many children, food served at school may be the only food they regularly eat.

3. They need to give out more fruits and grains and they need to make sure the food is not cold and not overcooked so the students don’t have to go home and complain to their parents about the food and so the students don't have to get sick.

4. They need to make better food for the kids because some of the food is not cooked all the way so all the kids and staff and teachers can eat more food and not get sick or throw up that is why we need people not to cook cold food or not to overcook it.

5. President you should help all the school to make better lunches and breakfast so the students don't get sick and make sure the food is cooked all the way so all the people in the school don't complain about the food how it is nasty and not cooked all the way.

6. I think we need more food and fresh food. Some of the other schools have full meals and fresh fruits and vegetables and sometimes we not even full when we done eaten.Some people might want some more food to eat because they not going to be full when they are done eaten.

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