Elizabeth Kentucky

Dear New President

Just a few questions for the new president

Dear President,

Hello! I am Elizabeth Wilson from Walton Verona middle school im in 8th grade and have some questions and concerns about how you will run this already great country. 1st of all what are your goals for the year and how will you acheive them? 2nd question, are we keeping common core because I hate it, it has transformed our classrooms and not in a good way. Now students,including me, aren’t remembering the material since we have to move on to a new lesson so quickly. 3rd question,will you be changing my everyday life for the better?4th question will you increase trade routes? I that would make our country thrive just like Augustus did in Rome in 27BC - AD14 when he increased trade routes and made Rome very wealthy, plus it would make it to where countries wouldn’t go to war with us since we would have trade.5th question, can we get better lunch food we miss our salt, cookies, and brownies! Our lunches make us feel sick mainly because we don’t eat them because they taste so bad! Us students are practically starving ourselves because we don’t want to eat the slop that they give us. We are the future of America and we are being treated like animals, we are forced to do almost everything and you call it a part of growing up, I call it prison.Good luck and I hope you can make our country greater than it already is.