Kali M. Iowa

Gun Control

Don't make guns illegal.

Dear Future President,

As citizens of America, we have the right to own firearms, unless a threat is posed by the potential buyer. So why is making guns illegal a topic talked among the future presidents? Guns are a way of self-protection for some people, a fun way of interacting with the wildlife for others, and so much more. Will taking away guns really decrease the crime rate in the United States?

Those who are against guns will more than likely not be affected by guns being taken away. Now I can understand some people are against guns because a family member or friend got shot, or injured by a firearm, but some of the people against guns haven't experienced shooting or handling a gun. The people that would be affected are the ones who enjoy guns, and have a purpose for them. Those people who like to hunt, target shoot, and just need a way of feeling secure are going to have their right to guns taken away.

First off, guns are a good way of self-protection. The feeling of being harmed is scary I would imagine. If someone is in your house, how are you going to protect yourself? If someone threatens you in the street, no one can help you because guns would not be allowed. The amount of deaths and people threatened could go up because there would no way of self-defence for the victim. The people with a concealed weapon permit got a permit so they could protect themselves, and others around them. If you have a concealed weapon, you potentially could save an innocent person's life, or even your own. Even if gun’s are taken away, that won’t prevent all murders. There are other weapons like knives, bombs, bats, and just the human body.

Now to my second point, the crime rate won’t go down by taking away guns, it will just go up. Chicago is said to have one of the highest crime rated cities in America, and guns have been outlawed there. I have a feeling that if gun’s are outlawed in all of America, that is what is going to happen to the whole country. People are going to illegally have guns. Therefore if someone really wanted to kill, or hurt someone, they will use other weapons, and steal guns.

Thirdly, background checks just aren't enough. Chris Knox explains in an article why background checks aren’t enough, and how people can still access guns. “The problem with background checks is that someone intending to break the law can easily evade the check. They can execute a "straw sale," by sending someone with a clean record to make the purchase. ” Timothy Edgar explains a way to make the background checks better. ”While using the terrorist watch list to prevent gun sales would inconvenience those who may be on the list by mistake, there is no reason to fetishize the 2nd Amendment over other rights. The no-fly list causes inconvenience and hardship” The “NO FLY” list is a list made up of people who could pose a threat to our country if they were to fly on a plane. If someone is on the no fly list, they should then not be able to buy a firearm. Now I know this won’t completely get rid of shootings, but it will help.The background checks should be more extensive. I also think that an online test, or a paper test should be required.

In conclusion, guns should not be outlawed. It infringes upon the 2nd amendment. Guns don’t kill people, it’s the people behind the guns. Some shootings are because of peer pressure, mental illness, and gangs. The country's crime rate will increase because people are stealing guns.