Jinal P. Alabama

Marijuana is Harmful

Marijuana should not be legalized in any state.

Dear Future President,

 Marijuana is very dangerous drug, and is illegal in most of the states. Marijuana should be banded in every state.

The cannabis product became most popular product of medicine across the country by 1800s. The drugs like heroine and Cocaine were illegally allowed in United States. In 1915, Texas becomes the first state for banning marijuana. And later they sold it to Mexico. (“Attn.com”)

In America, most of the states are still using this illegal drug. By seeing elders/parents taking drugs, teenagers started taking it too. In United States 75% of teenagers recognized taking drugs form 5% of population. 16.3% of teenagers who smoked cigarettes, compared to last month were 22.7%. Many high school seniors used less marijuana compared to cigarettes in 2013. (“Dosomething.org”) The marijuana smokers have more chances to expand, bronchitis (“Mtlblog.com”) It means, people coughs that occur every day with sputum production that lasts for at least 2 years, before having a lung disease.

Marijuana has two kinds of effects, physical and mental effect. Physical effect includes: inhaling difficulties- lung infection; development in heartbeats- opportunity to have a severe heart attack; trouble with child expansion during and following pregnancy- improvement in parts of the brain. The mental effect includes: short-term delusion- can image real, but they aren’t; unaccommodating interim persecution complex- distribution of others; aggravate symptoms in patients with psychopathy- severe brain disorder. (“Nih.gov”)

It is true that marijuana should be illegal to save many people from taking this kind of drug. However, once marijuana is illegal, half of our tension is gone right away by recusing people, and most importantly by rescuing their lung. Therefore our future president should think about this issue, and try to solve this problem.

Lastly I would conclude by saying that marijuana should be illegal as soon as possible; to save many Americans lives. People need to stop eating, drinking, and smoking marijuana. I appreciate you, future president, to think about it, and make it illegal at the same time.


Jinal P.

Oxford High School

4th Period

11th grade Honors English

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