Peyton B. Alabama

Prisoners can't vote?

Every voice matters; every vote counts.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

It's come to my attention that men and women in prison are often stripped of their right to vote in elections. I feel that this is cruel and hypocritical to deny them a voice in politics. Although they're in prison, they are still US citizens and, therefore, are affected by who is in charge. They are most definitely affected by law enforcement officers who are chosen by the Mayor and Governor.

Prisons and how they are operated depend greatly on the people that run them. Of all people, prisoners, should definitely have a say in this matter. Several prison guards are abusive to prisoners or allow prisoners to abuse each other. These people shouldn't be picked carelessly by someone who doesn't care about the prisoners' wellbeing. Under the orange jumpsuits, there is a person with feelings. This can't be forgotten.