Andrew Ra. Kentucky

Immigration border problems

In our country we need a better border to protect the citizens of the United States of America

Dear Future President,

Hello, my name is Andrew, I’m a 6th grade student from Kentucky. Right now, I’m here to speak with you about your future presidency. I’m writing to you about a very important issue. This issue is about immigration. Right now, thousands of illegal immigrants are coming into our country. I believe you need to try to reinforce our borders.

My first reason, why we need to reinforce our borders is the safety of our citizens. A lot of illegal immigrants are bringing dangerous of drugs into the country. The rate of drugs in our country has raised 40% in the last decade. A lot of people are taking these drugs and they are not safe for anyone and anyone around them. Some of these illegal immigrants turn out to be criminals and terrorists that are crossing into our borders as well. Terrorists are killing innocent citizens and the government workers need more help and support to stop them. Criminals are taking money and using it for their use.

My second reason, why we need to reinforce our borders is against illegal immigrants hurting our economy. When illegal immigrants come into our country unregistered, they don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Then because of this, the government doesn’t get the money for infrastructure for the country. The thousands of illegal immigrants have put an imbalance in our economy. That means that the economy will not grow and we won’t have money then for trade. Also, illegal immigrants are shipping money back out of the country. For this reason, those immigrants are throwing away money that the U.S. might need.

My final reason, why we need to reinforce our borders is jobs. Illegal immigrant workers come into the U.S. taking jobs of the U.S. citizens who have worked and who deserves that job. This is important because this results in hurting the legislative work force of the U.S. there are a wide variety of both skilled and unskilled jobs that need to remain operating for the U.S. work force.

Now you know why we need to strengthen our borders throughout the U.S. This is a national problem that I hope you take in. To say my reasons again, here they are: safety for the citizens, taxes, and the stealing of jobs. All of this falls again into the category immigration. I hope you take this into consideration future president.

Sincerely, Andrew Raderer


Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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