Clara K. Kentucky

Climate Change

Global warming (along with other things) is changing the world - for the worse. Here are some reasons why it is happening and how we can help stop it.

Dear President of the United States of America,

        First of all, congratulations! You are now the boss of this big country we call America! Time to get to work, so I'm going to tell you about a problem that I think should be addressed while you're in office.

        Climate change is a growing issue of the 21st century. We approach it with questions like, "Why is it happening?" and, "How much worse will it be in 2030?" The real question we should be asking is, "How do we stop it?" I'm going to tell you some things I think could help us resolve this global problem. After all, it is our fault, so we are going to have to learn how to solve our problems, for us, and for our planet.

         Now, many people (including you) may be thinking, "Turning around climate change? That could take trillions of dollars!" Well, scientists are coming up with ways to, "Make it profitable to protect nature." Even stopping littering in a city could make a huge impact, and set off a chain reaction. An older problem we faced was acid rain, "When sulfur dioxide from coal-fired power plants was causing harmful acid rain a few years ago. The solution was a cap-and-trade approach that required overall sulfur emissions to be cut in half, but would let each company decide how to do it." With more effective and affordable solutions like this, together we can start reducing more and more environmental problems.

         Others might be thinking, "What even is global warming and climate change?" or, "Why does it matter? It does not effect me!" Facts are linking global warming to deadly weather, around the globe scientists are noticing hotter and more destructive storms. Global warming is being caused by humans burning fossil fuels and chopping down thousands of trees, creating a warmer atmosphere. This triggers climate change, or abnormal weather patterns. An interesting and sad fact, "The number of natural disasters has doubled in the past few decades - 90 percent of them are weather related." This statement alone explains how much damage we are doing to our world.

         The last thing that I still haven't covered is how we, the tiny human beings we are, can help reverse this huge global issue. Well, we can start recycling more, and littering less. While doing research for this letter, I saw a devastating picture of a mother polar bear sitting on a small chunk of ice, with her cubs floating away from her. It was then that I suddenly realized that this is not only affecting us, but the poor, innocent animals around us. I mean it's not like the polar bears are at work burning fossil fuels, yet in many ways they are being affected more than us. Once we help resolve this problem, we will be helping not only ourselves, but also our fellow animals.

        So, these are the things our planet is facing. Global warming, climate change, pollution, and many other environmental issues. Sounds pretty terrible. All these things are affecting our world, and they are growing by the minute. If we don't do something about this (and soon) we are going to have an even bigger problem. When we work together things get better, so we (the citizens) will try to help you, but as I said, you're the boss. Good luck!

                                    Sincerely, your loyal citizen,

                                                                        Clara K.

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Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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