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Global Warming

Global warming is changing our world in many ways and affecting our lives.

Dear Next President :

Have you ever heard or wonder where we would go if some ever happened to our world? Currently in the world, global warming is becoming a problem. Global warming is changing the world and many people's lives. Carbon emissions, water consumption, and greenhouse gases are some of the causes of global warming. They are affecting our lives and helping us at the same time. This is an important issue that the next president should do something about in order to save lives and maybe even help change the world from how we are using the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions to pollute our atmosphere. The next president should work with scientist to find a way to reduce or stop this global warming problem. This issue is essential because the government hasn’t done enough about global warming and it is getting worse. We don’t want to get to a point where the effects are even worse then when global warming started and we cannot reverse them.

Using different kind of cars can reduce the amount of carbon emissions released by gas powered cars. Driving electric cars can reduce the carbon emissions and fuel costs. Driving these cars can help reduce the carbon emissions because, unlike gas fueled cars, electric cars don’t release dangerous pollutants into our atmosphere. In the article Driving an Electric Car Reduces Carbon Emissions and Fuel Costs by Tamara Thompson, she said “These vehicles will draw some or all of their power from the U.S. electricity grid instead of the gas pump, resulting in significant reductions in the oil consumption, global warming emissions, and fueling costs of driving”. This idea is great because it reduces many products that could be released into our atmosphere and could affect our world even more then it has. The article also states that “Nearly half (45 percent) of Americans live in the BEST regions—where an EV has lower global warming emissions than a 50 mpg gasoline-powered vehicle”.

Polluting our atmosphere with all of the greenhouse gases we have discovered is hurting our environment and the earth . Greenhouse gases consist of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and ozone to name a few. Gases such as carbon dioxide, which is what plants take in, can do a lot of damage if we don’t have it on our earth because it helps make oxygen. In the article Overview-Global Warming it states that “The atmosphere contains various gases that act as a blanket to trap heat from the sun and prevent it from escaping back into space”. This shows that some of the greenhouse gases are good for our atmosphere, like carbon dioxide, because they create a protective blanket to keep the sun's UV rays from harming us. Also in this article it says that “Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would be too cold to support life”. This shows that without some of theses gases in our atmosphere our world would be very cold. However, if we put too much of the gases into our atmosphere our world will be extremely hot and possibly deadly.

Putting these greenhouse gases into our atmosphere can be catastrophic to our earth which is what a lot of people believe. These catastrophic effects can result in climate change and/or water consumption. In the article Overview - Global Warming says that “Over the last century, however, the pace of global warming has accelerated, with temperatures worldwide increasing 0.7°C (1.3°F)”. This shows that these gases that we are putting into the air can have terrible effects, such as an increase in temperature. Some of the other effects that could happen is the loss of water (drought). These effects are caused because the earth is heating up from all the extra greenhouse gases we are putting into the atmosphere. These effects, like increase in temperature and loss of water, are causing major problems in the world.

This argument is wrong because these gases help our atmosphere in a great way. These gases keep out the extremely hot rays from the sun and let in the cooler rays. Some people believe that adding gases into the air is bad which is right but putting the specific gases that help keep the earth cool and warm are beneficial to our environment. These gases give the world the ability to support life on earth, unlike other planets. In the article Overview-Global Warming states that “Without the greenhouse gases, the earth would be too cold to support life”. This explains why earth can support life with its perfect temperatures that go with each season. These gases keep life alive on earth with its protective blanket of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

To conclude, these greenhouse gases are helping us live and also causing global warming at the same time. These gases help us because they keep the earth at the perfect temperature. Another way to reduce global warming is switching to electric cars instead of gas cars because gas cars pollute gases into the air that aren’t good for the atmosphere. There are a bunch of different ways to reduce what is happening with global warming and I hope you consider making some of these changes. For the future generations.

With great respect.



Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

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