Nicolle S. New York

Accessibility to Contraceptives

The government controls a lot of the people's rights, but is it too far to restrict sales of contraceptives? Is it a violation of someone's privacy?

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Only in the past 70 years were contraceptives legalized, and even then not all states prohibited them.  Why is the topic of sex such a taboo subject when it is a natural thing most people experience?  In the 1965 Supreme Court Case, Griswold v Connecticut, is an example of the government violating the "zone of privacy" Americans have.  Although now Planned Parenthood is becoming more accepted in society, many pro-life advocates still protest against it.  Abortion rights and the ban of contraceptives are almost completely related because with an increase of restrictions on birth control will lead to the increase of abortion rights.  

This topic is concerning to me because as a woman, this ban might affect me directly in the future.  Not only to me, but if all people were not able to buy birth control then they will either be forced to have a child when not ready or they will have to get an abortion.  Plus, birth control can be used for other reasons besides simply preventing unplanned births.  Birth control can be used in order to help women with acne and help balance out irregular hormones.  This can also stir up the protest of pro-life advocates because they go against abortion.  The ban of birth control  (or decrease in accessibility) will directly cause more problems that are all related.  The population will go up.  The rate of economically unstable households will rise.

The right to privacy is varies between people because it can be interpreted differently.  The government controls whether or not sales of birth control can continue, whether planned parenthood can continue to be funded by the government, and whether or not it will continue to be legal to get birth control.  However, I believe that the right to privacy means that anyone can purchase anything in order to protect themselves if it is not harming anyone else.  What if a man or woman are not ready to have a child?  Then they are not only negatively affecting their lives, but also the life of their child.  It should be their right to purchase birth control since it is their choice about their body.

These topics are concerning because the government is starting to control the people more and more and control what they do with their body.  The next president's choice will overall make the final decision on whether or not we can have access to these things. 


Nicolle Semenova

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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