Holly W. Illinois

Letter to Presidential Candidates- Wood

Why America should stop using fossil fuels and start using renewable energy.

                                                                                                                                                 September 21, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidates,

   I would like to address the renewable energy controversy. More states in America should start using types of renewable energy that suit their area’s geography.

   For areas near large water sources, dams or tidal power generators could be installed to produce hydroelectric power. In areas where water is not as convenient, solar panels or wind turbines would be appropriate for the production of solar and wind energy.

   Ireland has established three types of renewable energy. The Biomass method conducts waste into energy. Geothermal energy pumps water through heated rocks. The steam from the water is conducted into energy.

   There are currently 11 operational wind farms in Ireland with a total of sixty-eight wind turbines providing power for more than 44,000 homes. If America’s so great, then why is Ireland way ahead of us in green energy? A few centuries from now Ireland is going to be a beautiful, well-nourished country much like it is now, and the United States of This Fossil Fuel Using Country are going to be a not-a-single-drop-of-electricity-or-clean-air version of the Hunger Games.

   On average, wind turbines produce over 3 million megawatts each year. In comparison, nuclear power plants generate about 4 million megawatts. The difference is minimal when you consider the advantage of being environmentally healthy.

   Due to air/water pollution from fossils fuels, the following diseases can ultimately lead to death: asthma; pneumonia; cardiovascular ills; chronic bronchitis; acute bronchitis; upper and lower respiratory ills; neurological damage; heart attacks; and cancer. If these don’t eventually follow with death then these illnesses will necessitate having to take off work, which can add up to not having enough to buy the necessities needed to live.

   You probably wondered if I would bring up global warming. Well it’s your lucky day because you're about to get another lecture on it! The fossil fuels that help us live easy are releasing carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Now don’t go ahead and give me all of that, “that’s all a lie, there’s no such thing as global warming it’s just the Earth going through its cycle” mumbo-jumbo because you aren’t going to get anywhere with that. Also if that were true, then it’s such an AMAZING coincidence that global warming is occurring at the exact same time the US has surpassed its highest concentration level in eight-hundred thousand years of history; the concentration levels have overtaken 400 ppm (parts per million/milligram). In 2012 the number of tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere rose to over 9.7 billion. SUCH a coincidence. The Earth’s ozone layer absorbs most of the ultraviolet light from the sun. Too many ultraviolet sun rays can be fatal, and if we keep using fossil fuels the harmful pollution will obliterate the ozone layer. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be Mother Nature’s Thanksgiving dinner.

I truly hope that you take my bonafide argument into consideration and undertake this issue in America.


Holly Wood

Bernotas Middle School

Strebel's Kids

Block Two

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