Emma G. Illinois

Racial Profiling: why it should be illizalized

I feel very strongly about the illegalization of racial profiling. It will bring Americans together, and make America a more sturdy nation.

September 21, 2016

Dear Future U.S President,

All over America people are being unjustly defined by their race. There is absolutely no need to encourage this affair, instead America needs to join together and treat all people as equals.

Racial profiling is the act of using ethnicity to suspect someone of an offense. This separates Americans into racial groups that are starting to define who we are. Racial profiling is much like the social ranks that occur at schools, with the more “popular” or respected ethnicity on the top, and the least respected on the bottom. Caucasian people are many times put at the top of this chain, gaining more opportunity and leniency by the government. African Americans are second, getting very poor treatment and little rights. African Americans are getting hurt because they voice their opinion. Because of this, blacks are more than twice as likely to get shot and killed by the police as whites. Mexicans are another minority group misjudged by others, because some entered our country unauthorised, and because some of them don’t work, using the welfare system to earn money. But, many Mexicans are unfairly represented. They work hard to earn money at jobs that many Americans don’t want. Many Mexicans work the labor infused jobs such as landscaping, material moving, and transportation. Furthermore, 1 in 3 workers of fishing, farming, and forestry industries are Mexican. Without Mexicans performing these jobs, our economy is affected. Lastly, Muslims end this social chain, they are often portrayed badly through the media. This is all because of the Muslim extremists that brought terrorism to America. Most muslims are humble people that aren't out to harm others, they deserve the same freedoms and opportunities as all Americans.

The majority of the U.S population are rightful Americans, this gives us no reason to go against each other. Instead of fighting with each other, we should be joining together to form a flourishing nation. I understand that many times racial profiling is used for America's safety, but it gives us no right to say that one group of people is depraved. This biased way of separating people into groups, supposedly good and bad, make people feel stuck, unable to break free from these given labels, losing their freedom. When we shun other ethnicities, this makes our country less diverse and unique. America was intended to be the promised land of freedom and independence. By using race and ethnicity against many Americans, we are slowly losing that feel. We need to bring back the land of the free, where racial prejudice is no more.

Illegalizing the use of racial profiling when charging someone of an offense will make America a more honest and just country. America, doesn't need any more problems to deal with. Addressing the issue of racial profiling will make the U.S a more sturdy country.

I strongly advise you to consider my ideas. I am the voice of my generation.


Emma Grindstaff 

Bernotas Middle School

Strebel's Kids

Block Two

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