Carlos O. California

Reform for Women

Women's roles have evolved as the new century rises. Therefore, legislation should improve so that conditions are met in which women can thrive.

Dear Future President,

Women continue to suffer from difficulties in this country that are not being addressed. The pay gap among genders is noticeable, and it is shameful; women are increasingly becoming more active in playing the role of breadwinner. Hence, women are more independent than they were before—how are they to thrive, or in their case survive, in a society when their potential to succeed is hindered by old, now outdated and irrelevant, laws? The benefits that would precipitate include economic growth for the society in response to a greater consumer-based economy; this is due to the fact that women spend greater quantities of capital, therefore having a greater role in the national economy. If women were to have equal pay, then the consequences that would occur would include a decrease in poverty and an increase in national income. Laws must be passed that can bring a change to the current conditions that plague the economic state of women. As a capitalist country, the US would benefit from an increased ability for women to participate in the economy.

In addition to their economic difficulties, women also face problems in regards to abortion. It is necessary that laws are improved to provide women with greater care and aid during pregnancy. Moreover, abortion, although perhaps seen with negativity due to moral opposition, is something that women should have the opportunity to choose; because, as violence towards women continues to exist, women are more prone to sexual assault and may perhaps suffer from pregnancy as an outcome of the brutal confrontation. There are things to consider when advocating abortion, but it is important to recognize that women should at least have an option, because a choice is better than none! Besides, it is not as if every woman will choose abortion for the sake of their preference; it is just something that should be considered, because women are often targets of violence, so it should be fair that they have control over pregnancy and abortion. And men should be ashamed of opposing the rights of abortion—with sexual assault being a factor in the advocacy for abortion rights, men can be seen as a cause for it.

It is imperative that, as a society, women have an increased influence. The rise of the 21st century has also given a rise to many differences that cannot be represented with legislation from the past. The role of the woman in society has evolved, and, in response, it is important that the law does so too.


Carlos Ortiz