Koby California

Protection of Animal Rights

Poor, innocent animals are slaughtered everyday just to satisfy peoples taste buds. No one considers the fact that these animals actually have feelings. This needs to stop, there's many alternatives, slaughterhouses aren't the answer!

Dear Future President,

I'd like to take my stand on the subject of animal cruelty. Everyday livestock are slaughtered for food and clothing. No one considers the fact that these poor animals have feelings, family, a life to live. However, we humans just want to satisfy our self, we feel like were above these poor creatures but were not. I would like to end as much of this cruelty as possible; it's inhumane and is unnecessary.I believe that instead we can live off of a plant based diet and use natural resources more often.

Being vegan or vegetarian can make a big difference on our ecosystem. A plant based diet is significantly healthier and safer to the human body. It's a more economically clean and is a much better choice compared to the constant slaughtering of poor animals. The animals are raised just to be tormented, tortured, cut open, butchered just to put food on our table. We never consider that they actually want to live their life out in the open. These animals can help us so much more when they are alive. Cows can bring a steady source of milk and cheese. Their manure can be fertilizer to grow crops more efficiently. However, we don't consider these facts, instead we just butcher them without a second thought to the pain we bring them. If a person would just think, how would they feel if their own child was taken from them and killed, the parent would feel remorse wouldn't they? If we can feel sadness for a loved one ,but not care when a mother is taken from her calves and killed wouldn't that be hypocritical? We need to widen our views, look at more clean, less violent, but just as effective ways of satisfying our taste.

We need to consider the lives of these poor animals. We have to take time to consider their feelings, and think about the pain they're going through. If we can do that, we would be able to see that we don't need their meat to be able to survive. As it is now, many companies have created vegetarian alternatives for almost every meat product that is enjoyed today. So please help make reforms regarding the butchering of animals. They don't deserve this treatment.