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Renewable Energy

With people becoming more and more dependent on electricity, renewable energy is becoming more significant to our lives in meeting our needs and keeping our world in a positive condition.

To the next President of the United States,

One important thing I would like to bring focus to is the need for renewable energy, otherwise known as green energy. The reason I find green energy to be important is because of how there are no negative byproducts that hurt the environment and because electricity has become something everyone around the world depends heavily on. Previously and even currently, we use fossil fuels to generate our energy which produces pollution as a result that in turn, hurts the environment in a number of ways and can't even maintain the energy needed to sustain our country for very long. Because of the problems that arise from the use of fossil fuels, I believe we need to move forward beyond the use of fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy sources that can produce energy in a cleaner and much more efficient way. 

One of the reasons I feel that renewable energy should replace fossil fuels is because of how increased money is being put into it through investments which helps it grow as an important factor in our world. An article that brings focus to these aspects of renewable energy as well as environmental effects and positive societal effects says, "Continued and increased investments in renewables is not only good for people and planet, but will be a key element in achieving international targets on climate change and sustainable development" (News). This evidence specifically states how investments in green energy is an important factor in helping the environment as it says how it is very beneficial to the planet as well as helping reduce pollution which is one of the main causes of climate change. Moreover, the evidence states how renewable energy also aids in sustainable development which would mean that society can progress steadily without problems.

Along with investments in renewable energy there is another article that focuses on mainly the environment like pollution and our need for organic materials. This article begins with a claim where it explains, "Human activity is putting pressure on three-quarters of the planet, according to new research. But we may be becoming more efficient with out use of the Earth's resources" (Christian). This brings attention to the environment and how it is suffering due to the byproducts of using its resources in order to help make human activities thrive. Furthermore, "Humanity used up a years worth of the earth's resources in just seven months this year" (Christian). This reveals how fossil fuels are in higher demand than they were in previous years since they were used up about 40% faster than previously expected which proves that by continuing the use of fossil fuels we won't be able to sustain ourselves because since our resources were used faster it means we need more energy and there's the possibility that more and more energy will be needed in the future so more fossil fuels will be used and the earth's resources will deplete even faster. In addition, the evidence also suggests that humans are damaging the environment even more because with the increased use in fossil fuels there will be more pollution released when it is used to generate energy so basically, human activity and dependence on energy is causing a lot of damage.

Some people may say that fossil fuels are actually better than green energy in providing energy because of how they are very cheap and abundant, making them easy to use but even with these facts presented, the price we have to pay for using fossil fuels is shown in our environment. Fossil fuels release a lot of pollution when they are used to create energy and even if they are easily accessible the fact that they will eventually run out in the future doesn't change, unless we want to wait another million years for it. In addition, while the prices for fossil fuels may be low now, it won't last very long because once they become less abundant and in lower supply, the demand will most likely rise and with people wanting more of it the price will have to rise along with it.

No matter how you look at it, the fact that renewable energy is in many ways better than fossil fuels since it can help us save the environment and stabilize our world, there are still many people who refuse to agree. But even with people who still believe in fossil fuels, I am confident in saying that in the future, renewable energy will ensure a safe path leading to beneficial outcomes in society and climate change around the world. Increased investments, and more awareness to problems like global warming and climate change can assist in promoting renewable energy. All that's left is your help.

West Seattle High School

3rd Period LA9H

Hopkins Honors Intro to Literature & Composition

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