Justin California

Dear Future President

Global warming is a serious problem in the world

 Global warming is a serious problem in the world and every day the world is getting hotter and hotter due to pollution being released into the environment. Air pollution is being released by cars and factories and those gasses are being released into the atmosphere warming the air. Pollution being spread on land is effecting the wildlife and could cause a problem in some areas where people live. The pollution being released into the ocean is killing sea animals, polluting the water, and effecting the people who rely on the ocean as a food source, are effected and can cause a toll on their lives. As the world heats up, the icy poles are melting. At the north pole the icebergs are melting and the wildlife such as polar bears, penguins, and seals are losing their homes. At the south pole, or Antarctica, the glaciers are melting and the ocean is rising and that could flush us towards higher ground. You as president should create programs to educate not only america but the worlds pollution and about how to clean and prevent global warming.