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Gun Violence

The main idea of my paper is how gun violence is a major problem in America today and how we can fix this problem. It doesn't only affect the people in the shooting but their families too.

Dear Mr. Trump,

Believe it or not, I think that guns are the biggest issue in our country to this day. Guns lead to a quick and easy death and account for way too many deaths in this country. As president I think you can start to limit gun deaths if you put more effort into things like gun regulations and gun laws. Although guns can be used to defend someone, in the moment nobody knows the intention of the gun carrier. In a perfect world guns would only be necessary for the military, and we should take guns very seriously. In 2015 it was found that there was “t11,000 people killed from gun violence from one person to another.” Additionally, there was another 20,000 that used guns as a form of suicide. These numbers need to be moved down for the sake of our people. Some people might say that America is indeed starting to fix the problem of gun violence. The numbers say differently. In 2000 there was approximately 10,000 deaths from guns in the US and as I said earlier, in 2015 there was about 11,000 deaths. We have actually gone backwards in the past 15 years! Once you go into office I strongly feel that the first step in making America great again is cutting down on gun violence. This will lead to safer ities, less crime, and a better nation overall.

The news is always covering the death of someone and more times than not it is a death from gun violence. Speaking for myself I am tired of hearing about shootings on the news and the only way to fix this problem is by limiting the gun violence in this country. Our country as a whole is very scattered when it comes to how easily anybody can get a gun. In some states it’s reasonable and may keep some people from getting guns, while in other states such as Texas you don’t even need anything to purchase a gun, all you need is a permit to carry it. In many cases people have that gun for a good reason, but if you were in the same room as someone with a gun you would most likely be afraid, especially since you wouldn’t know their intentions. Shootings are not just against black people but many shown on the news are. Everybody is or potentially could be affected by gun violence, whether it be them or a close person. One black man even went as far as saying that he feels like “an endangered species”.

Fixing this problem is another story, but it needs to be done for the good of the country. The first step to fixing the problem is making stricter gun regulations. This will make it harder for people to get guns unlike in Texas. In theory, less guns leads to less deaths because there is less opportunity for misuse. Experts say that guns are “a public health issue” and feel that it needs to be harder to acquire guns in this country. Another thing that can be done is cutting down on the violence being done in major cities over areas that are not as populated. For example, in 2015 Chicago had about 3,000 deaths from guns. That is an insanely large number considering in the whole country there was only about 11,000. The reason urban areas need to be cut down is because with all these shootings happening in such a populated area, people will be afraid to go there. To cut down on shootings in the cities we need more cops to be watching out for shooters and to keep the citizens safe. On another note, we also need the cops to stop shooting innocent people, but that’s a whole different issue in our country. This will not be an easy fix, but it is most definitely necessary in order to make the people of this country to feel safe and make America safe again.

I don’t have much of a personal experience when it comes to gun violence, but I can only imagine that it is an awful experience. Not only will these shootings affect the people involved in the shootings but it will also affect the families of the people involved. For example, the family of the person who gets shot will lose a family member, and most likely the shooter will go to jail. This will affect his/her family because they will have to deal with that person being in jail for a long time. Hopefully I never experience gun violence because of how hard it will be to get over it. Or I could be dead.

Overall, gun violence is a major issue in America today and fixing it is the first step in fixing our nation. To many people are being killed in this great country for no good reason by the use of guns. There are many ways to fix this problem, for example, making it harder to get guns and also by making the cities safer. Gun violence is never a good thing in any way. It leads to the death of someone and jail for another. It also majorly affects family members and others close to those affected. In order to make America great again we need to stop pointless killings in our nation.


RJ Wis

Metea Valley High School

Metea Valley Sophomore English

All sophomore students at Metea Valley High School wrote letters to President-Elect Trump, voicing their issues on ideas that are important to them. These letters were part of a three-week project, where we learned about rhetorical situation; types of claims; types of evidence; and embedding quotes.

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