Christine G. Illinois

New Second Amendment

Why there needs to be a change in America's gun laws.

Dear Next President,

As you know, gun control has been a very controversial topic in this election. Although the right to bare arms is the second amendment, it was made in 1791. It does not make any sense why we would not change the amendment when society changed the use of arms.

Today in the United States, over 49,000 people died due to gun violence this year. Many of those victims could have been saved if it was not as easy to get a gun. During the time of the mass Orlando shooting and the murder of Christina Grimmie which happened less than 24 hours apart, I started to take interest in this topic.

I thought to myself, why is buying a gun easier than getting a drivers license? The soul purpose of a gun is to kill. There should be many tests before an individual can be in possession of a gun. Classes should be taken for shooting safety like how classes for driving are taken. Also, there should be some sort of test to check the consumers mental state to see if they are capable of handling a gun.

Also, no one needs a machine gun. It should not be legal to have these huge guns that shoot so powerfully. Sure, riffles and smaller guns for hunting and sports should be allowed. But unnecessary big guns should be illegal.

Lastly, I do not want to live in a country where I do not feel safe. If everyone had a gun for “protection”, what would that say about society? … Everyone is afraid of one another? I do not want our future kids to have to bring a gun to school because they are afraid or because everyone else is possession of one. It seems unrealistic, but if the rates keep going up, it could become a scary reality.



East Prairie

8th SS AM

8th SS AM

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