Kalliope Illinois

Stop the Genocide

Slaughter houses in the United States must be regulated by the government: it is torture.

Dear Mr. President,

We humans hate being uncomfortable, and when an issue arises that makes our hairs stand on end, we ignore it. Obviously, that is not productive at all. 

That, I think, is why we have such a huge problem with slaughterhouses today. The problem is that millions of people have no idea it is a problem. Millions of people have no idea how animals are abused, tortured, and inhumanely slaughtered. As president, it is time for you to intervene. 

Yes, it is uncomfortable to think about where our food has been. Yes, we live in a society that says eating meat is okay. But no, we do not live in a society that is cold and apathetic.

Since early August, I have been a vegetarian. My friends thought I was crazy- how could you give up meat? I never told them why. I never told them how hundreds of millions of poor, cows, chickens, and pigs are fattened, crammed into tiny cages or dark warehouses. I never told them how cows were skinned alive for leather, or how almost all slaughter houses neglect any kind of anesthetic. I never told them anything. I let them laugh at me... until last week. 

Last week, my friend asked non-stop: why? I did not want to tell her. But eventually, I showed her a video. After five minutes, she was in tears.

How can we talk about civil rights, women's rights, even immigrant rights, while completely ignoring these poor, distressed animals? How can we continue to treat these living beings like garbage? 

I am in now way saying that America needs to become vegan right now, no, I understand that meat is and will probably always be a staple of food. But there are ways to give animals respect.

For instance; halal meat. My friends who practice Islam have agreed with this: if all slaughterhouses followed these guidelines, we would be better off. And no, it does not have to be a religious practice, just a humane one. Animals in halal slaughterhouses are subject to a tiny fraction of the pain of their common counterparts. Yes, it would be less efficient. Yes, it would be more expensive. But yes, it would be worth it. 

We as humans, cannot continue to ignore these helpless, living beings. So as president, please, consider enforcing some standards. 

Thank you,

Kalliope Kobotis

East Prairie

8th SS AM

8th SS AM

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