Albiona Illinois

Letter to President

A letter to Mr. Donald J. Trump on immigration.

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

I have an immigration reform proposal to introduce. The United States should allow undocumented immigrants to enter the country. The United States represents liberty and freedom, and made of mostly immigrants. Why allow some immigrants to enter, and allow the rest to be sent back to their country while they are going through tough situations? Through this process, stereotypes are used allowing immigrants to be viewed as people that do not belong. โ€œWith liberty and justice for all,โ€ that is not represented through the use of many people.

To begin with, the country should allow immigrants from several areas of the world to enter. Many people around the world are expecting to escape from the rough times in their own country to come to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Rather than being free, and allowed into the country, many believe they should go back to wherever they came from. Do you know how hard it is to even come to America for some people? It is their dream to live in a land like this. The funny thing is, the people telling new immigrants to go back from where they came from have ancestors that were immigrants as well, unless their ancestors were Native American, which most arenโ€™t.

On second thought, the main reason why immigrants are not allowed is because of the stereotypes thrown at them. They are said to cost America lots of money, create more problems, or do not fit in with the rest of us. If all immigrants were allowed to set foot on American soil, they would learn to adjust to the lifestyle, but they do not have to become us. That is the whole point of being unique and understanding difference is a good thing. Some Americans view it as harmful, thinking immigrants will takeover and cause all sorts of damage to America and its citizens.

Immigrants are coming to America for several reasons, the main one is to live a better life, and escape their surroundings. For example the Syrian War, anything in the Middle East in this time needs a getaway place to keep themselves and their family safe. It is not okay to label people based on their religion and beliefs. It sure seems like most Americans are taking the easy way out. Our president should fight for these rights, not against them.