Matea A. Illinois


The legalization process should be made more effective and easier for the people coming into the U.S.


Dear Future President,

legalization in the US is not only complicated, but difficult to go through the process itself. People who are willing to come to America, are issued to go to the US embassy to fill their papers out, then, they tell those eager workers to wait, A Forbes investigation found that a computer programmer from India must wait, on average, 35 years. A high school graduate from Mexico must wait an average 130 years! We tell eager workers, "Do it legally; just wait 130 years"? This makes no sense. Immigrants, are beneficial to America, they significantly contribute to our economy, and legalization would not cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. We should make legal immigration easier, relax the rules, and issue work permits.

Firstly, immigrants are beneficial to the US. They’re not just kind of there in the shadows, they are a big part of america, it should be made easier for them to gain their legal papers without the numerous amounts of complications and unnecessary wait time. {Opposing viewpoints} According to the National Foundation for American Policy, immigrants will add a net of “$611 billion to the Social Security system over the next 75 years. Immigrants are a key driver of keeping the Social Security Trust Fund solvent.” These people coming to america want to make a difference, so why is the US preventing them from entering the land of “opportunities” Immigrants are special people, people with the ambition and guts to leave their home to pursue an American dream. According to Opposing Viewpoints, Immigrants—even the undocumented—pay a significant amount of money in taxes each year. A 2011 study by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy found that undocumented immigrants paid $11.2 billion in state and local taxes in 2010 alone, adding a significant amount of money to help state and local finances.

Secondly, immigrants significantly contribute to our growing economy. Without them, that would be a huge problem, considering there are millions of them, undocumented. In fact,immigrants' contributions have also played a key role in prolonging the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund, as stated by Opposing viewpoints. And the truth is that the cost-benefit analyses that immigration restrictionists have used to make their wild cost projections simply are not well-rounded or accurate. They have got a lot to offer if the US just gave them a chance and opened their eyes to see the true value and importance of them. We are a nation together, work together, play together. Research by UCLA [University of California, Los Angeles] Professor Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda shows that legalizing our nation's undocumented immigrant population and reforming our legal immigration system would add a cumulative $1.5 trillion to U.S. GDP over a decade. These big gains occur because legalized workers earn higher wages than undocumented workers, and they use those wages to buy things such as houses, cars, phones, and clothing. If only americans could realize the great impact they have on the US.

Lastly, immigration would not cost taxpayers trillions of dollars, despite what most people think, immigrants are bring in way more than aking out, as stated in the paragraph above, they are actually beneficial to our thriving economy and helping the US. In an attention-grabbing headline from 2007, the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector argued that legalizing undocumented immigrants would cost taxpayers "at least $2.6 trillion." That is not true, they made statements without doing deep and factual research. The message was deceptively simple: At some point in the future, the legalized immigrants will hit age 67 and will retire. Once retired, these immigrants will cost taxpayers a significant amount of money by using programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Immigrants do not take as much as they put in, they are perceived as greedy, and unhelpful when in fact they are the opposite.

In conclusion, Immigrants enrich america, it changes the US for the better.The legalization process should be made easier and more efficient for them. They make up more than 15 percent of the population. Not only are they are beneficial to the US, but they significantly contribute to our thriving economy, and it wouldn't cost taxpayers trillions of dollars, despite what others think. Educate others on this, express your voice and thoughts, share with others and make this known America should say yes to make an easier legalization process for immigrants.

Sincerely, Matea A.