Anthony P. Illinois

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration may be the downfall of our country

Dear Future President...

Have you ever thought about how many bugs get into your house a year? Only some come out and reveal themselves but there are hundreds of spiders and small creatures living in your walls and basement. The same goes for illegal immigration. Just like bugs, illegal immigrants can interfere with your daily activities. They also take up extra space in the country that could be used for refugees or low level citizens.

Financially, the illegal immigrants can’t easily get good paying jobs because businesses would run background checks and see that they’re not registered American citizens. Most live in apartments or small houses. Since they’re not registered citizens, only about 8% pay income taxes. They also use public schools and buildings that will effectively use up government funding, making the locals pay for their education, etc. On the other hand, their low finance can actually help the US economy. They help because they take the low level jobs like McDonalds workers, janitors, and workmen. Illegal immigrants could actually close the gap between the rich and the poor. Changing the topic, over 50% of illegal immigrants either become terrorists or do illegal activities in some way. Did u know illegal immigration allowed the 9/11 attacks to take place?

Furthermore illegal immigration can help slightly but mostly shows to be very bad for the health and money of the US citizens. To help the American citizens, you should consider creating a way to document the immigrants with serial numbers that they would use to identify themselves to local police and law enforcement people.


Anthony P