Tim B. California

Tuition Fees

Education is a right not a privilege.

All the children of America are entitled to an education for the most successful future possible. Creating more opportunities for this generation will lead to a brighter future for the country. I am currently a junior in high school starting to think about and plan my career path for college but lately, tuition fees restrict most of my desired decisions. College tuition should not be free, but at the very least affordable for more than just 17 percent of Americans.

Silicon Valley is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire country. The house I live in currently with my parents is not yet paid off completely, and will not be any time soon. Going to a public high school my parents do not have to pay any cost for education yet there is still little disposable income due to the high taxes. Even taking on a part-time job only provides trivial help. If I were to qualify for scholarships to help make my college tuition less expensive, my parents would still be paying off a mortgage on the house. Paying off my student loans would take decades while my parents would still be in massive debt and most likely have to file for bankruptcy. This is the outcome where I get to go to the college of my choice.

There are other options such as community college but that would only prolong me from pursuing my education at the college of my choice. It would also take much longer for me to start supporting myself in the real world and my parents would have to support and house me for much longer.

Your future and your education should not be determined by the financial state you are born into.


Tim Blight