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The immigration laws need to be set in stone and understood

Everyone should realize that illegal immigration is a problem; however, some don't wish to change that, so why not make the whole system more understandable?

Dear Mr. Trump,

Most if not all people in the United States of America should realize that illegal immigrants are an issue, that should be solved. The one issue concerning this would be how the government should go about fixing the immigration system. As we have seen the system we currently have in placed is told to allow many illegal immigrants into America(roughly 42.4 million). The system that we currently have em-placed allows for mass confusion, allowing very little to understand how it works. This shows that due to the mass confusion on how it works on our end how would others trying to be legally allowed into the U.S. understand this system? Should we not just make the system more understandable so that majority of immigrants then understand how to legally become a U.S. citizen, thus leading me to my next point. This would show that due to the immense system we have created for immigration that many don’t understand how it works causing for their comprehension to lead to them crossing illegally as they hope that it will lead to a better life, thus causing a need for a more comprehensive immigration system, that will lead to both security of borders and more legal immigrants.

The main causation of your seemingly major issue of illegal immigrants as I had once stated before is due to the confusion. This confusion causes for that of fear amongst those which wish to come to the United States of America, this said we should strive to attempt to get more of those who wish to immigrate learn and understand the system which we have put in place or rather will put in place. This confusion is not of only my own volition, but rather that of many others. Some others would be that of “The Washington Post”, as in one of their articles they have spoken of how confusing the whole immigration process actually is and how few people in the United States understands the system itself, so to help benefit not only immigrants help benefit the people of this nation in allowing the knowledge of how at least this part of the government. Not only would this allow for the confusion to be gone but rather actual remove much of the fear that does cause that of illegal immigrants to have more of a “reason” or “purpose” to come to the United States of America illegally.

As such the goal of the immigration sector should not to “make the system easier”, but rather just make it understandable to the public, as such you could easily make the immigration system much more turbulent allowing for less immigrants to come through, just let them understand the process to a certain extent. This should allow for the effects of less illegal immigrants as it should revoke the fear they once had about the immense immigration system which they had little to no information they could not reach, as they may not have all of the commodities we have in the United States, so give them a chance.

The immigration laws do need that of a reform; however, it is dependent on you on how you will attempt to solve the problem of illegal immigration. Even if you choose to make a wall (as you have stated on many occasions) or just make the whole immigration system harder, just give those who wish to immigrate the information you feel they are intended to as confusion can cause mass disarrangement throughout not only people but the governmental system as well. So all I ask is for a medium, even if you make the system harder or more confusing just allow others to understand the system to an extent you believe is fair, so I neither oppose your wall nor do I adore it I just want the system to be understood.

Sincerely Mitchell,

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