Zaina Q. Illinois


These are a series of proposed solutions to the much debated topic of immigration.

Current and future undocumented immigrants in the United States should be given a path to citizenship if they show the credibility, Muslim refugees should be welcomed into the United States because America is known to provide refuge and religion should not be the reason refugees are turned away from a better life. Still, there are substantial dangers of each solution but ultimately it is what America stands for.

Undocumented immigrants cannot vanish, it is impossible for America to “ send them back” as they have made a life for themselves. Instead of being kicked out undocumented immigrants should be granted a path to citizenship. Future undocumented immigrants are inevitable but it is possible to fine those who have crossed the border illegally and fine future ones. The path to citizenship will have restrictions such as a certain number of years  spent in America, proof of residency, and a clean criminal record. America named itself the land of immigrants and immigrants come here for that promise made centuries ago.

Muslim refugees should be welcomed and helped because for the longest time America has given refuge to so many different ethnicities and religions. The Irish came to America to escape a potato famine, how is running from war any different? Just like letting undocumented stay, Muslim refugees should pass a set of restrictions to make sure chances of possible terrorism. The refugees who want to come in should have clean criminal records and the refugees affected the most by wars should be able to come in earlier than others. America does not have to take in a ridiculous amount of immigrants but a few is better than none.

Undocumented immigrants and Muslims refugees should be welcomed and left in and brought to America to prosper and be better off in America than they were before. America was built on immigrants, cutting them off seems hypocritical. Not trying to restrict immigration and taking harsh actions is irresponsible and goes against what America stands for. The undocumented immigrants and refugees are all in the same situation, they are running from life-threatening situations and denying someone their right to live beneath America. Restricting and setting rules for undocumented immigrants is ultimately the best solution for America’s problems.