Nathan Y. California

It's Getting Hot in Here

This is my letter to Mr. Donald Trump explaining my view on global climate change.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I believe that we need to address the arising problem of global climate change. Our beloved earth is sadly dying and it is all due to the poor treatment that we humans are giving it. If we wish to continue to live on this earth, there needs to be something done. The earth has a delicate balance of systems that are all connected and if one point in the system starts to malfunction, the whole system shuts down and ultimately dies. If humans keep on the path that we are going down, soon the earth will be no more and our home will be no more. You must be as eager to make the earth great again as you are eager to make America great again.

A change must happen, it should be limiting the amount of cars that are allowed to be on the road. A way to do this is only allowing people who have certain numbers in their license plate to drive on a certain day. This system was used in China, which is overrun with smog, and after just one day on this system, the people of China were able to see the sky again. This little action will reduce our carbon footprint drastically. The fumes emitted by cars are ruining our atmosphere and warming up the planet. This warming is causing the polar ice caps to melt. All of the freshwater polar caps are being melted and wasted. To preserve these great landmarks, our gas emissions must be reduced.

Cars are not the only things that are emitting fumes. A group that gives off a large amount of gas are cattle. They emit methane that dissolve the ozone layer of the atmosphere. I know that beef is a staple food in America, but for the sake of the earth, you need to reduce the amount of cattle farms there are.


Nathan Yi