Oscar Illinois

Better Programs for the Homeless

There should be better programs that help the homeless get jobs. Donations and funding toward the programs can help decrease homelessness.

Dear Future President,

There are many homeless people all over the country.. We need better programs to help the homeless get jobs and earn money. According to endhomelessness.org, there were 564,708 homeless people in January 2015 in the USA. We need more funding of some wonderful programs that are useful to the homeless population. These programs include The United Way, churches, and The Salvation Army.

To keep the programs that help the homeless get jobs going, we need more money for those programs. Funding can help many of the programs. If the government provides a little bit of funding, that may give homeless people more opportunities to earn money. Donations are a great way to keep these programs. If citizens of the USA just donate a small amount of money from their part, this can also keep these programs running. Of course, these programs benefit the homeless. Many homeless people can get a job, home, and food to help their life.

Making sure funds are available to continue helping these programs is only one way to tackle the homeless problem. Another idea is to help them secure employment so they can become independent. Many businesses need more workers to decrease the chance of their businesses to shut down. Many homeless people ask for money, but they can earn money by getting a job. Most of the time, businesses are looking for employees. This may be their chance to earn money. Businesses shut down because of limited employment. The homeless can try to save businesses by applying for a job. It might not be their favorite job, but it’s better than nothing. We need more workers for many companies and businesses.

In conclusion, improved programs can help the homeless get jobs. These programs can help decrease homelessness with the homeless getting jobs. Many businesses need more workers. This is a chance the homeless people have to earn money. More money for programs is needed to keep them running. Funding and donations are a great way to keep them. It is important to rid our country of homelessness. Increasing funding to programs that benefit homeless individuals is necessary. Getting homeless people connected with potential employers is also very important. This will make America stronger because we can become a united society.


Oscar, 7th Grade Student 

Elgin Academy

7th Grade Middle School Language Arts

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