Christian G. Illinois

Hate toward Trump is unnecessary

The riots against President elect Donald J. Trump are completely unnecessary. But, if they are so unnecessary, then why are they so big right now?

         Christian Goznalez

Mr. Page


Letter to Mr. Trump

Believe it or not, but I support you, yes. Me the Puerto Rican, Italian, Mexican boy supports you, Mr. Trump. I think it’s crazy that people are hoping for your failure, I mean you’re going to be our president, the highest rank in our entire nation, why in the world would anyone ever want you to fail? The fact that people actually hope for that is absolutely insane to me, your failure is our failure. That’s what these people don’t understand. I believe that at this rate our nation and its people will destroy us all if they keep up the erratic behavior that they've been showing as of your election. This behavior is what we have to stop, right now I believe that the only way that this problem will stop is if you address it directly and stop your hate tweets now.

Firstly, the slander that these people put you through is ridiculous. If you, Mr. Trump say something about illegal immigration control, people will instantly think that you're a xenophobic racist with just the context that you don't want Illegal aliens in the country. Do I agree with you? I don't know, but what I do know is that these people criticizing you don't even know what genre criticizing you about. To be honest I think the way you word things can be a little hostile and frankly new to these people. These people are growing up

In the time of political correctness I mean, I'm growing up in this time as well, but just because somebody says something that I don't agree with or something bad about a group of people that I'm in doesn't mean I'm going to boycott our democratically elected president and hope he fails in office, no i'm going to hope for the best for Donald trump, because what these people don't understand is his failure is our failure and his victory is ours as well.

See, I think that the solution to this problem is hard to determine but i'm sure that if these protests and all this hate keeps going around then this nation will most definitely fail, and all these people will get their wishes of Trumps failure granted. But in conclusion, all the hate needs to go away because a nation cannot run on hate, I’m not saying we have to be politically correct 100% of the time, no. What I am saying is that we have to treat everyone fairly and at least give you, Mr. Trump a chance in the office. If you say you’ll get more jobs for everyone then that's all well and good we don't care what you say. We care what you do, now please Mr. Trump don’t listen to the hate and don't let it bring you down, all you have to do Mr. Trump is to not respond ignorantly to your criticism be it justified or not, just don’t. But again, just be a competent person and I think this term will go just fine for everyone.

Metea Valley High School

English 2, Period 7

Mr. Page's very-totally-awesome 7th period English 2 class at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, IL.

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