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U.S. Relations With China

A student states the issues that are brewing between the U.S. and China and how the U.S should start working more closely and often with China.

Dear Next President,

I would first like to felicitate you on conquering the election and trust that after you get your first priorities over with, you have the time to conscientiously peruse and contemplate on this testimony promulgating a crucial contention. The contention I want to confabulate is about the camaraderie between the United States of America and China. I am already aware that the United States are familiar with working with China, but I strongly recommend that you attempt to make the United States work more often and closely with China. A good relationship with China can only help.

We need to become allies with China. China is third most powerful country military wise and with a powerful leader, too. According to U.S. and China Get to Work by Steven Schwankert, “Mr. Xi had hosted a huge parade of military hardware, including missiles designed to neutralize American aircraft carriers, in yet another move designed to solidify his place as China's strongest leader since Deng Xiaoping”. The top most powerful countries are the United States, Russia, and China. Russia is quickly closing the gap between itself and the United States in becoming the most powerful country, but with the help of China, we can perpetuate that lead. We are currently the most powerful country globally, meaning if we ally ourselves with China, the two most powerful countries are allies. It’s okay if you don’t want to work with China, but just remember that the United States will have to fend off Russia alone. Who knows? Maybe Russia will even become allies with China and they will both be against us. China is steadily growing in power, which can cause problems if not addressed correctly. According to Chinese Deals Feel the Chill From Washington by Steven Davidoff Solomon, “Cfius has grown increasingly powerful”, Cfius being the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. China could quickly replace Russia as second most powerful country, making that a problem if we don’t become best buds with it. I hope you now see the situation through more strategic eyes. I trust this will be easy for you because you are a strategic person, or at least I hope that’s one of the reasons you were elected president.

It will be considerably easy, since we are not unfamiliar, to being friendly to China. According to U.S. and China get to Work by Steven Schwankert, they had “agreed to work together on cybercrimes”. With some barriers teared down, less stands between the United States and China. It will be considerably easier to work together with China. According to Xi-Obama Summit: Bridging The Trust Deficit In US-China Ties?By Robert A. Manning, “ Both pledged to cooperate in creating a global code of conduct for cybersecurity.Now we can trust China not to hack into the CIA database behind our backs. More experience makes anything easier. So because it is so easy to become allies, why not?

Some people, on the other hand, are not as strategic as us, resulting in them seeing through different, less strategic eyes, thinking that just because of some previous rough-and-tumble with China means we should eternally shun it. According to Amid growing Asian storm, US seeks quieter touch with China over sea Dispute by Emily Rauhala, there’s a “deepening territorial dispute that pits China against some of Washington's most important Southeast Asian allies”. Just because the conflict is “deepening”, it will become so bad that it will get out of hand. Some believe that China has already made a move against us, and we should fight back while we can. According to Top U.S. Diplomat Outlines Complicated Issues Facing U.S., China, “Chinese fighter jets came dangerously close to a U.S. spy plane in the South China Sea”.Is not the United States of America the most powerful country in the world for almost a century? Why not make China fear us? Let’s show China who is 老闆(boss)!

Some of our more cocky citizens just want to show off our power and want to abuse it. But really: who likes a braggart? These people are paranoid. And pessimists. They want to take drastic measures that could ruin the delicate balance of the universe. I’m no pacifist, but does it really have to come down to WWIII? I think the first two were bad enough. It’s amazing how some people can only see the dark side of the moon. Has not anybody ever heard make peace not war? Or do they only hear make war, not peace? Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.The one who wants war with everyone is a fool. Let’s not have more wars than need be. This might even encourage China to become allies with Russia. Nobody is perfect. Do people not make mistakes? Do you really believe China meant to have its jets get too close to United States planes? According to Americans’ views of U.S.-China Relations, 62% of people expressed an unfavorable view of China, hoping you will bend to their will, but I know you are better than that. War? False accusations? Really. You know the right decision to make. I know you will, if you are in your right of mind. Do the right thing.

We need to become allies with China. Becoming allies with China is what is best for America. More goods will happen simultaneously with the lack of bads. In short, I must say so you have this straight, WE MUST ALLY OURSELVES WITH CHINA.IF YOU CARE ABOUT AMERICA, YOU WILL DO AS I DEMAND. This is my polite request, my peaceful suggestion.

Respectfully yours,

ThankGod Setsoafia

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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