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Climate Change - A Human Issue

Oliver Fox 11/4/16 Yellow Wallpaper Dear Madam or Mr. President, My name is Oliver Fox, I am 13 years old and I am the son of a hero. My father has worked for twenty years to finally agree upon and ratify the first global agreement on clean energy, the Paris Agreement . I have been watching my whole life as he continues to fight this monster, and nothing could illustrate how much of an issue Climate Change is than someone who fights it every day. I strongly believe human caused climate change is the biggest issue facing earth and humanity in the history of civilization. It was caused by us, now it is our job to fix it. 99% of climate scientists agree that Climate Change is happening, and humans caused it, according to NASA. Denying Climate Change is out of the question, so what can we do to fix it? For starters, the Paris Climate Agreement marked the first global climate agreement to keep the global temperature rise well below 2 degrees celsius. This proves progress is being made, but there is still much to be done. Switching to electric vehicles that have zero emission is a good place to start, and with the success of Tesla and Elon Musk, this dream is beginning to take shape. You may be thinking how we can actually make these steps I am talking about. The first step would be to refute the deniers of Climate Change. As long as people are still allowed to deny this problem, it will never be fixed. Second, we need to institute change from the smallest level up. From small wind turbines powering one home, to a whole desert of solar panels powering millions of homes. Lastly, we must unite as not just a nation, but as the world to tame the beast that is climate change. The 5 major powers in the world (USA, England, France, Russia and China) are the ones most responsible for this issue, yet tiny islands who barely contributed to the problem at all are suffering the most. The biggest nations must become leaders to tackle this issue instead of becoming followers and waiting for someone else to make change. “I’m not a scientist,” “I’m not a believer.” This is a recurring redirect among members of the republican party, some examples being Ted Cruz and. Admitting their own ignorance and looking to shove this issue to the next generation. They only look to better themselves with no regard for others. I have been listening to the current talk on all of the major news stations and hearing this bafoonary over and over again is making me more and more passionate about this issue. Some may choose to deny facts, while others choose the path of acceptance and action. "This gives us the best possible shot to save the one planet we've got," President Barack Obama said after the Paris Agreement. Madam or Mr. President, this is not just your home, and this is not just my home. This Earth is our home, and as for me, I’m going to hold the fort. Sincerely, Oliver Fox Boston, Massachusetts

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