unita m. Massachusetts



Dear Mrs. or Mr. President,

                                Hi my name is Unita Munroe. I am 19 years old and my letter is going to be about immigration.  I chose immigration because my family and I are all immigrates to the U.S. This is important because immigration gives people from other countries a chance to have a better life.  For example my family moved here from Guyana so that we can have a better life than they did.  Because in Guyana many parents can't send their kids to school because they don't have the money.  In Guyana you have to pay for the books that they use in schools and parents can't  pay for it.  For example, most of  the parents don't have jobs so the farm.  But sometimes farming doesn't help because the crops might not be what they thought it would be.

They also have other bills to pay so most of the parents take children out of school to help them on the farm.  Some of the kids and parents cant read so its hard for them to make money. This is caused because many  people are uneducated.  And the ones that have an education are kids of the police officers, nurses, community leaders, and etc.  I think as a president you can use your term for something good.  By helping people from other countries to have a better life because this country gave me a better life than my parents.

In other words immigration gives people from other countries the chance to change their fate. Immigration also helps to build and strengthen the economy.  For example, immigrants start small businesses and according to the Small Business Administration that, "about 30% of immigrants are likely to start small businesses than non-immigrants in the U.S".  Another example, is that according to the U.S  Department of Labor, "7.5% of foreign born are self-employed compared to 6.6% of native born".  This shows that immigrants can help build the U.S. in many ways.