Sean H. Utah


My opinion of how taxes should work within our country

Dear President

There has been much talk over taxes and economic policy in this election cycle. I think that it is important to have government programs that are transparent and publicly funded. To have this programs we need to tax our citizens and corporations in our country. I think a major problem with our current tax system is that different people pay different taxes and that income is taxed differently depending on how it is required. I think that the capital gains tax rate should be the same as the average income tax rate. Citizens should be treated equally and should be taxed equally someone in the top one percent should be taxed at least the same as anyone in the other ninety-nine percent.

It is important to have uniformity within our tax system because it would simplify our taxes. With simpler taxes we could use less time for IRS audits and make taxes easier pay so there would be less tax fraud. Taxes are a necessary evil and an increase with simplicity with taxes by making taxes the same across the board would make taxes easier on everyone: Citizens, Corporations, and the IRS. I don't know how to implement a uniform tax rate but I hope a president could figure it out and implement it into America.

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