Lesley California

An Argument in Favor of Life

This is my letter regarding the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate.

November 8,2016

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

In the news there has been lots of things that have been said that have been bothering me. With this election almost over I wanted to give my opinion on the topic that most concerns me: that of pro-choice and pro-life.

Personally, I am pro –life, because that’s what I think is right but I also recognize there are many others who think pro-choice is the right decision. For many years now, “Americans have been fairly evenly divided in their association with the two abortion labels. The only exception between 2010 and 2014 was in May 2012 when the pro-life association ld by 50% to 41%. Half of Americans consider themselves “pro-choice” on abortion surpassing the 44% who identify as “pro-life”(sooeveningnews.com).

Pro-life is important to me and to many others because we believe that when you do get pregnant you have to make the right decision and keep that child. Many generations have passed and I think that the use of abortion gets worst every year. I believe that we should use abortion as a relief not as a free pass. We should not use abortion every time we get pregnant because we weren’t being careful.when having intercourse. They say that’s when you’re turning into an adult or woman so every time we do have intercourse we should act like adults and be careful.

Many women all over the world are struggling to have kids but there are other women who are getting pregnant constantly and misusing abortion. I believe we should be more careful and use protection constantly.

I agree with most Republicans on their stand on pro-choice and pro-life: that we should not misuse the choice of abortion, we should only use abortion when the baby’s life or the mom’s is in danger, or when there has been a situation of violence, rape, incest, etc… Most Republicans believe that there shouldn’t be a choice to keep the child or not- you have to keep the child because you were the one who created that human being in you (well, of course with the help of another.) They believe that there is a human being alive in you, and that you are technically killing your child, your own blood and that there is someone alive and you’re not giving them the chance to experience the world.

Pro-choice is important to others because they believe that there is nothing wrong with getting an abortion. They think that since that human is still not alive there shouldn’t be a problem with getting an abortion. That’s were pro-choice and pro-life always go head to head its getting an abortion or not. They think there is no problem with it and that every time that they get pregnant they should be allowed to get an abortion. While support for the pro-choice position has yet to return to the 53% to 56% level seen at the time the trend has been moving in that direction since the 2012 reading.

In my opinion these people are very cold-hearted because they don’t think about the lives of others. They don’t think about the woman who can’t have children and of the children who haven’t been born.


Lesley G.

Pro-choice and Pro-life