Abner California

Grading Policy Should Change

People should be educated better. A lot of students have enough free time. Yes, they might finish there homework quickly or they don't do their homework at all. They should make homework worth more and not less.

Dear President,

Students complain that they have so much homework and some brag that they don’t have as much or don't have at all. What I was thinking you can do is come to schools or talk to random students and ask them question about the school and about their classes. This will help you see how it all works and so that you can be informed from an actual student and not a teacher who can lie to you. Yes, a student can lie to you but what are the odds that a student will lie to a president. You can also compare with other schools and see what are the difference and the similarities with the schools.

Some students are loaded with homework and some aren't as much. For you to find out how much homework students get and how much of sleep they get you must make an interview and calculate and find the average.For instance I have homework everyday even though it may not be from every class I will usually sleep around 10:30 and wake up around 5:40. So I’m thinking that you can make a policy that all LAUSD schools should have the grading system change. Where if you don't do any homework or don't complete it it will automatically drop u 1 letter grade. It’s not fair that quizzes can bring you up from a C to an A without any homework. This should also work with class work.

So Mr. president if u were able to do at least some of these request it does not matter if you come or if some other person comes. I just want if you are able to make a change because it’s not fair that people can pass their classes and not try in class. There are students who try in both (work and test/quizzes) and don't have to worry. That’s me in math and I care for the people who try in class and want an A but can’t get it because they choke and the pressure gets to them. So if you can make these changes or at least read my letter it would be a honor.


Abner Bautista