Emma A Wisconsin


Abortion should be illegal in the United States.

Dear Future President,

Abortion has been an issue for many years. Many people think that it is wrong, and I am with that. I think that you should make abortion illegal because it is murder of an innocent unborn baby. Woman might argue that they can do what they want with their body, but a baby is its own person. The baby just has to depend on their mother until they are strong enough for the outside world. They deserve to live a good life of an American citizen.

After 21 days, a baby is it's own person because they have a heartbeat. That would mean that most abortions happen to human beings. This is murder and is not right. If there were never any abortions think of what the world could be like? Would we have found the cure for cancer? Would there be no more starvation? The possibilities are endless.  If we stop abortions now, think of all the possibilities for America to grow stronger. 

Abortion can have terrible side effects on the mother. The mother could feel guilty and depressed about their decision to kill their child. This can lead to high anxiety rates and sometimes even to suicide. It can also lead to health risks such as later miscarriages and breast cancer. Putting a baby up for adoption is much healthier and safer for  the mother and the baby. When you get an abortion you aren't just killing your baby, you are putting your own life and health on the line.

The ways that babies are aborted is horrible. Innocent babies are being tortured and killed without a say. Some might think that they aren’t hurting the baby because the baby can’t feel anything. That is false. Babies are just smaller, undeveloped humans that are depending on their mother to make the right decision. They can feel things the same way that we can. They can feel the pain of the abortion, and what it's like to slowly die. 

With you being the new president I believe that you should make abortion illegal. It is murder, torture, and down right wrong to be doing this to innocent little human beings. We are saying that America is full of opportunities for immigrants and we aren't even giving these opportunities to some of our own children. Abortion can have horrible effects on the mother that can put her life at risk. Taking away this right of life is against what more than half of America believes in, the Bible. As our new Commander-in-Chief  you need to take charge of abortion and save all the lives that are in danger.


 Emma A