Alyea North Dakota

The Stress of the Test

The NCLB policy has gone downhill and isn't getting any better.

The no child left behind policy has recently become a problem for our school’s and their students education. This policy that was introduced in 2002 requires students to meet or exceed state standards in reading and math. Since this policy was introduced we have more high stakes testing and focus less on other subjects such as arts and sciences. As a student who works to keep their grades, a test that could ruin it all is very stressful.

In order to fix this serious problem, future president, we should cut back a lot on the testing. These high stakes tests are affecting the students grades negatively. Also we should once again focus a little more on different subjects such as the arts. Some students don't need all of this math or reading, some of us plan on using more of these sciences or arts. Dear Mr. or Mrs. president, we really need to do more about these academic problems