Christina R. California

Cost of College

Regarding my support for the Pace Promise nationwide for students.

Dear President Obama,

I am a Senior at San Marcos High located in San Diego. There is a program at our school that easily enrolls students who are eligible and who have all the requirements into the community college, Palomar or Cal State University. The Pace Promise are excellent guidelines for students to follow and qualify for college. I strongly support the organization due to the fact that gives students an easy path to success after high school. Students can now go to Palomar College for free if they meet all the Pace Promise standards and transfer to a university or other college after two years of attending. This association saves families with financial issues money and allow a wide amount of people a chance to improve their lives and prepare for a better future. College is a beneficial experience that everyone should attend for more job opportunities, to meet new people, and to prepare for the real world as an adult. The Pace Promise should be a required system in every high school nationwide in order to influence students decision to go to college. Student's lives can be improved on a great scale if they have the right goals and requirements to graduate with. This organization motivates children to meet the necessary amount of classes and credits to graduate with which enrolls them into the next level of education. Every student should have the same amount of assistance throughout high school as I did at San Marcos High with the Pace Promise, which made me realize which steps I should be taking in the path towards success.


Christina Reisner