Brady Connecticut


The next president of the United States needs to work to improve education in the US by ensuring affordable, high quality schooling from pre-school to college.

Dear Future President,

As a student, I have realized how important a good education is, and I believe the next president should really work to ensure every american can have one. Without a good education, from pre-school to college, children and young adults will fall behind their peers. Education prepares children, teens, and young adults for the future and increases the amount of opportunities they will receive. Every american, no matter who they are or where they are living, should be able to receive good schooling. With good education throughout America, more americans will be in schools receiving the skills they need for a successful future.

First, throughout America, all four year olds need to be in a high quality pre-school. Pre-school teaches young children skills with letters, objects, shapes, numbers, counting, socializing, and so much more. Without these skills, they will be unprepared for future schooling and have fallen behind children who attended pre-school. According to, only 50% of 8.1 million eligible four year olds in America are attending pre-school. That means half the four year olds in America aren’t going to be prepared. As the next president, pre-school needs to be ensured for all four year olds.

The next step to improving education is improving K-12 schooling. Children will spend at least 13 years in their K-12 schools, and this is the biggest part in making sure children are prepared for college and their futures. To improve K-12 schooling, we need to improve public schooling. This will ensure all children, K-12, in America will be able to receive the affordable, high quality education they need, no matter who they are and where they come from. The next president needs to ensure K-12 schooling for children all over America.

Finally, we need to improve college. We need to make it so that all Americans have the opportunity to attend college, ensuring them a brighter future. We should not let cost hold anyone back from college. Instead, we need to take steps to make college more affordable, so that all students will be prepared to work. These steps include cutting interest and making college debt free. This will increase the number of americans in schools, the number of americans prepared for their futures, drastically. The next president needs to ensure affordable college for all young adults.

I hope as next president of the United States you will take Education into deep consideration.


Brady W