jerod g. Nevada

Drug abuse a big concern

this is about drug abuse in Staten island and why more people are abusing drugs there than in other states.

Dear President,

This is what the problem is: the problem is that people or teens are taking pills or specifically painkiller to overdose

Here is what the research I have read says:the internet said specifically KQED learning that in Staten island more people are overdosing on drugs specifically painkillers there more than other states and they are trying to figure out why that is. Teens are getting a hold of the painkiller and a lot of them aren't old enough to get them from a pharmacy so they are buying them from people and that's a problem

Here is what I think the solution is: the solution to this problem is that they should maybe prescribe them at a higher price so that people who are buying them to sell them will maybe not want to spend the money they are making on a more expensive drug or another solution is just to stop sell them.

More than three out of four people who abuse painkillers get them from someone that has a prescription from a doctor to take them.

The next thing people are using is heroin because it is cheaper than the pills the they are getting from people the switch between pills and heroin is something people have been studying for a while now.



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