Jairo A. Nevada

Cost of College is Skyrocketing

With Cost of College Increasing, it is almost impossible for families to pay for tuition. Everyday thousands of Students are forced to turn to loans.

Why is college so expensive? Not only that but the Tuition is increasing. “Average tuition at a public four year college has soared more than 250 percent,”within the last three decades (Tribune Chicago Bureau). That is insane! If nothing is to be done about the prices of tuition it will continue to increase. Pretty soon not a lot of families will be able to afford college. Cost of college should be cheaper because not many families are able to pay for college.

According to the Article Tuition Talk, “66 percent of students parents are concerned about finances.” That is more than half. These parents struggle. As a senior in high school going to college is my main goal. However, I worry just as much as my parents do about finance. College tuitions are too much. This forces many families to borrow loans. John W. Schoen,author of Why does a college degree cost so much, found that, “100 billion dollars a year is borrowed through a cottage industry of private and publicly funded loan programs.” That is a tremendous number. Their is no need for a student's family to be in debt; especially if the money is going towards the student's education. Cost of college is definitely an issue here in the United States.

Now, I don’t think college should be free. I am a firm believer that college isn’t for everyone and if you want to go to college you gotta earn it. What should be done is college should just simply be cheaper and more affordable. If a student has good grades and wishes to go to college, the student and their families shouldn’t have to worry about finances too much. If college becomes more affordable, many families won’t have to struggle as much to pay it off. It would open many opportunities to students who thought they couldn’t afford college. These students would be able to have a brighter future and most importantly have a career they’ve always dreamed of.

In all, Mrs. or Mr. president, this issue should not be ignored. Their are lots of American families that are dealing with this issue. It is a serious matter. If we don’t fix this issue the number of students going into college will decrease. I hope that you take this into consideration and help those who struggle to pay college. That would really make a big impact for Americans. Good luck in office next year.


Jairo Alvarez 

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